Guides to Success in Social Security Practice

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I always rely on Ms. Bohr’s “Pocket Guide to Social Security Disability Law” and “Pocket Guide to Key Social Security Rulings” to provide me with the final analysis and strategies. Legal issues explained in plain English – that’s what makes these resources invaluable to me.

Philip Litteral, President, National Association of Disability Representatives (“NADR”); Ashland, Kentucky

I write all my briefs with Sarah Bohr's books open in front of me.

John E. Horn, Horn & Kelly; Las Vegas, Nevada

I regularly use “Sarah Bohr’s Pocket Guide to Key Social Security Rulings” and “Winning Appeals Council Arguments.” Both books provide insight and useful tidbits of information when preparing prehearing and AC briefs.

Debra S. Shifrin, Past President, NOSSCR Shifrin Newman Smith, Inc., Akron, Ohio